First things first. I'm GAY. If that goes against your beliefs then click the BACK button on your browser and get out while you still can. Warning, if you continue, you might become Gay too! If you are intrigued on.

My Early Life Story is covered in more detail HERE.

I was born (12-29-1956) to the wonderful Bill & Jane Kelly. Daddy passed on in '99. I was raised here in Houston where I still reside. I have one sister, Vicki, and one brother, Pat. Here's a pic of the 3 of us in 1979. My first Christmas was bountiful, just look at what I got ! My own fake pony!

I finished high school with plenty of ridicule. Seems everyone new I was Gay but me. I went on to Jr. College and received my Associates degree in Electronics Technology in 1978 which, I used for about 2 years. Then, I went for the money. Been on Exxon's and now ExxonMobil Baytown's payroll since Nov 1980. I kind of gave up on the idea of finishing my BS degree. I really think the Associates Degree in Electronics helped me to get the job with Exxon.

For leisure, I spend time on the computer, reading or watching movies. I used to design graphics, newsletters and other printed matter or web pages. The graphic in the middle when you first see my webpage is a piece of art I did using Corel Painter. I used to play volleyball a lot but my knee is so bad now that I can't. Hmmm, what a short lived hobby that was.

I also go to church weekly at Resurrection MCC. It is part of a larger organization called the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC).

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