This is a pictorial documentary of my business trip to Billings Montana in 2005. My first experience was being stuck in Denver on Sunday when I was supposed to change planes and fly onward to Billings. A snowstorm hit Denver and grounded all air traffic until Monday. You'll see some snow pictures below about that. While in Billings, at the end of my trip, I took a couple of drives to Red Lodge (ski resort area) and Little Big Horn (Custer's last stand).

Denver airport snowed under
View of the main terminal
View from my hotel room I was forced to get when all the flights were cancelled
My plane being checked out Monday morning
View of the urban area of Denver from the plane
View of the mounainous area outside Denver as I headed for Billings
Billings Refinery where my training took place
This is where my start of the week ends. I attended training all week then on Friday took a drive to Red Lodge heading on 90 West about 50 miles.
Passing over Yellowstone river near my training
Yellowstone river from ground level
Power plant so inconspicuously placed among these ancient cliffs
Beautiful sunset from the outskirts of Billings
Saturday I went to Little Big Horn on 90 East about 45 miles. Those fotos follow from here.
So you know, the Beartooth Mtns are in the distance. This is shot from Billings
Here they are from the highway about 20 miles away
Here they are shot from Little Big Horn (probably a good 70 miles)
A cool (cold) stream near Beartooth highway leading into the mtns
Beautiful snowcaps from one of the campgrounds
Had to get a couple shots of me this time
Little Big Horn visitor center viewed from "Last Stand Hill"
Memorial cemetary outside the visitors center
US Soldier grave markers
More markers
Memorial to the indians who died
Tree I thought wanted to be fotographed
Interesting sculpture near the park site