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Me, Aunt Ruth
Me, Aunt Ruth, Mom & Al
Great Grandpa/Grandma Kelly
Grandpa/Grandma Kelly
Frat House in Jackson
Nice House in Jackson
Bustling Downtown Jackson
Standard Oil Building
Mynelle Gardens Trail
Jackson Zoo
Mynelle Gardens
Pink Flamingos
Black Bears
City Hall
Georgia Dome
- - - - D o w n t o w n V i e w s - - - -
Some neat building. . . . . . and a nice home
First Presbyterian Church
Another nice home
Jimmy Carter Pres. Center
Philips Center
World Conv. Center
Turner Field (used for Olympics)
Olympic Torch
Stone Mountain and an old Plantation Home on the site.
Entrance to World of Coke
Bottling Line
Old Bottle Designs
Bottle Mold
Old Coke Memorabilia
Coke in different languages
Coke Products
Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Water Gardens
- - -B R O M E L I A D S - - -
Veronica Spicata
- - - L I L A C S - - -