I was born and raised right here in Houston Texas. Born in St. Luke's hospital on 12-29-1956 weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. I was a beautiful baby in my opinion...don't we all...he he. Anyway, I pretty much knew by the time I was 8 that I liked boys. I had an extreme crush on my best friend. He was so fine! Oh well, never thought about sexual stuff until High School and then we went our separate ways. High School seems to have an effect on people in that they seek out new friends and DUMP the old ones. I still had a crush on him through high school too. But, I found more new guys to have a crush on too! So, I wasn't too depressed about not being friends with him...duh! High School and College both were frustrating times for me because of my extreme attraction to the other guys in school. I knew it wasn't the norm to be that way and hid my feelings, trying to ignore them. Didn't work very well, I noticed it big time. What did I do to cope? I had fantasies in my own mind about all these beautiful young stallions. It worked pretty well too, except that a few other guys picked up on the fact that I was "different" and made fun of me. In Jr. High I was called "Nasty Edwin". It came from the Fig Newton commercials of that time. Nasty Edwin loved Fig Newtons and after he ate them, he wasn't nasty (mean) anymore.

I had lots of fun with the neighborhood kids. We used to play dodge ball a lot so I got pretty good at it. It got me prepared for the game in high school. There were a couple of neighborhood guys that were really hot. I loved the chance to play games with them just so I could look at them. When I was in about 3rd or 4th grade there was this one guy a couple of streets over that was soooo cute!! His name is David Duttenhofer. He never knew, and probably never will, unless he's reading this, that I had the biggest crush on him for as long as I can remember. He was short, cute and blonde...wow!! Gee, I wonder where he is now??? Oh well, it's nice to have memories. They're all mine and I can resurrect them anytime I want. Ahhh!

High school wasn't ALL that bad. I mean, even though I was frustrated sexually, I had good times too. I didn't know I was frustrated sexually, I just look back at that time and realize that I was. High School P.E. class certainly had its perks. For instance, when we played dodge ball, I was usually one of that last kids standing. I was really good at catching hard thrown balls. I was kind of small so, I concentrated on my catching skills to win 'cause I really couldn't throw the ball hard enough to be effective. The best perk was shower time at the end of class. Boy! now THAT would DEFINITELY frustrate someone that wasn't getting any. But hey! It sure was nice eye candy <smile>.

College...hmmmm...don't remeber a whole lot about college. Can't remember anyone I was especially attracted to. I did pick up one thing in college that was kind of neat. Besides all the knowledge, which, by the way, I forgot!, I learned how to shoot pool...billiards. I spent many many hours in the recreation center - between classes - playing pool. I got pretty darn good at it too. There weren't many people that could beat me. I even picked up all the fancy trick shots and maneuvers. Alot of good all that did me !

Career time. It was time to get a job and become an integral part of society. You know, give back to the community, show the world what I could do...and all that stuff. I took a job with General Instrument Corporation(G.I.) working at the now defunct Sakowitz stores in Houston. Sakowitz was a very upscale store like Saks Fifth Avenue. Some of the people working there were snobby, but most were not. After all, if they really had money they wouldn't be working there ! I was there 2½ years. I repaired the computerized point-of-sale(P.O.S.) terminals and the systems they were connected to. P.O.S. terminal is a glorified name for cash register.

I pretty much had enough of the job and the low pay and at the suggestion of my best friend at that time, I applied for a job with Exxon. In fact, we both applied for a job there. We took the 3 hour test and when it was all said and done, they called me for an interview. My friend didn't pass the test. I went through the interview process and they offered me a job. I would have been crazy to turn it down, so I went for it. I got a little more than twice what I was making at G.I. so I was doing pretty good. I started out at $9.76 per hour on November 3rd, 1980. Now this was a good paying job by any standards back then. But boy o boy did I NOT know what I was getting myself into.